Friday, September 27, 2013

The Spotlight has moved!

The Spotlight's has moved!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Savannah Coronet-Jacques

This week we have the pleasure of talking with a country gal from South Carolina! She gives her all each time she performs in Second Life and makes us smile with her strong vocals. Kick your shoes off, leave your hat at the door, and sit down a spell. Let's get to know Savannah Coronet better!

Tell about yourself, Savvy.  Who is the lady that we hear perform and entertain us?
Well ... What a deep subject!  Although I stay fairly busy in Second Life on stage performing, I do spend some time with my Second Life husband Jac Jacques and our family and friends.  Jac is so supportive of everything I do in both worlds and he is my love.  Also I have been breeding Amaretto horses since October 2010 and they are currently not too happy because I have been so busy in Real Life.  Real Life Savvy is a single mom of a beautiful 5 year old boy named Waylon.  With the help of “Nanny” aka BettyJean, I am now in school full time and pretty much perform a full schedule in Second Life. Thanks Mom, I love you!  I am working on a degree in General Technology with a Major in Cosmetology.  Going back to school has helped me regain focus on life.  Although, I will have a career in Cosmetology, singing will always be in my life in some way.  I also love to bowl and have been bowling since I was 14 years old.  I worked in the bowling business for 15 years.  Now, I just bowl in one league a week and my son has started his league as well.  He loves bowling like mommy.  My real first name is Felicia, if anyone had ever wondered.  I share my life with my friends in Second Life and what I feel in my heart while logged in is the same when I log out.
When did you start singing, Savvy? 
I started singing in middle school.  I got involved with school plays.  I was in the chorus line in the first play I was in Give my regards to broadway The second part I landed I will never forget.  I was a female Jesse James named Wild Prairie Rose in the musical Rogue of the Railway.  My feature performance of  “Rose with plenty of thorns” was a sassy number that caught the attention of a local Opry House… and here I am!
Take a look at this photo, starting with the handsome guy on the far left, who are these folks?
Well that handsome fella is my SL husband Jac Jacques.  Then we have on the top row ... me, Skeat Abonwood – she works the floor for me when she can and she knows her stuff!, Starlight Marville – Red Headed Sin Wagon Driver/Tag Slinger … watch out!, Dametria Arebello – Dame keeps the girls shakin and looking good on stage!, Miyushu Babii - #1Tag Slinger ,started out as my manager and now keeps the crowd rolling as a dancer, Adam Spark – Savvy’s Bartender/Tag Slinger ... Adam has a great motto “Love Everyone”, Ariradel Spark – Awesome DJ/Savvy Dancer and host as well as one of my SL sisters ... Ari keeps Adam in line, he can get rowdy with that Jack Daniels. On the bottom we have Jon Jacques – Jon is one of our SL sons and he’s trouble but we love him! The dog is JP one of our many pets. All the awesome folks are a part of “THE GANG” We are blessed to know such amazing people and I am blessed to have them as part of the Gang for such a long time. Jac and I love you all!!
Tell us about this "Hell on Heels" group, Savvy?
Oh let me tell ya!!! These are some of the sexiest, feisty girls in town! The “Hell on Heels” ladies are dancers for my shows in Second Life. An awesome group of ladies who truly enjoy what they do. All of them are some of my best friends and we all share respect for eachother. Love ya ladies!

I've I had the pleasure to hear your performances many times, and each time, I'm blown away!  Tell us what it's like for you to perform ...
It’s an amazing feeling to perform here in Second Life. To feel the emotions of people miles and miles away. I can have a bad day and after a show I feel awesome! I try my best to put everything I have into each show.
Now, you have some RL family in SL, Savvy?
My RL mother is in Second Life now. She comes to all the earlier shows ... 5pmSLT or earlier and she enjoys the people and music. When the show is over she logs out! Unlike most of us, she doesn’t get wrapped up in Second Life.

Do you do duets with other performers in SL, Savvy?
I have had the honor of live dual streaming or single streaming with a number of Second Life Performers. Wayne Davis, Harry Frychester, Hogan Baily, Tristyn Homewood, Johnny Paramour, Groovin Ghost, Quinty Munro and Dougie Moonites. To link your stream with someone across the country or world is an amazing thing!

Back in March of 2013, you performed as part of Relay for Life - Music Through the Years.  Tell us about the songs you chose for that performance ...
I was asked to do a Patsy Cline Tribute for this event. In the tribute I perform some of Patsy’s most popular singles as well as tell you some of her story. Patsy was a major influence to me and I have performed this tribute in Second Life 37 times!

Recently, I saw you at Club Enchanted Diner.  Do you perform there at Ms. Arlene Bronet's venue often?
I have the pleasure of performing at Ms. Arlene’s venue every other Sunday night at 7pmSLT. Sometimes we have a special guest star appear…. Which is Arlene transformed into Tina Turner! Really fun group of people at Club Enchanted Diner.
Tell us what it was like to win Avi Choice for Favorite Country Singer in 2011 AND 2012?
It was a huge honor and I felt so humbled by the love from the people who enjoy my shows. Taking the time to vote ... just meant a lot to me. I would like to see the Avi Choice Nominations advertised more. Every year it seems it is an issue that people are not nominated. Even to the point where some people who are nominated are criticized. Very sad thing to see in the Live Music community. I will do my part and make sure I share information on my Facebook when I see that the nomination process has started. People love to vote and support their favorite Second Life entertainers. Every time Blake Shelton asks me to vote … I AM THERE!

There's a video on your YouTube , "I'll Take Care of You", what can you tell us about this, Savvy?
Oh my! This video is my first attempt at making a video. I didn’t take much time on it… I wanted to do something to surprise Jac, who is my husband in Second Life. This song was our wedding “first dance” song and means so much to us. Love you Jac!

Here is a video of you performing a popular Reba song, "Fancy".  Who did this video, Savvy?
Robert69 Little did this video. He has done over 2,000 videos for different performers. It’s his passion to do videos for Second Life performers and he does this at no charge. The videos he has done for me have been great tools for me. If you are trying to book a show and they would like to hear you… tada… share these videos! Thanks Robert!!

Pia Klaar has a video of one of your performances from 2011.  What can you tell us about this compilation?
Wow! Pia is very talented! I was humbled when she approached me and said she had recorded a few songs from my live shows. She wanted to put this film together. I took a look at her other work and was so excited to see the end result. It’s an awesome compilation of some of my favorite tunes.
In the same video, at time index 4:05, you sing "Need You Now".  You do a great job with that song, does it get requested often?
Thank you! Need You Now is one of the most requested songs that I cover. It was a major hit for Lady Antebellum and won 4 Grammy’s in 2011. It is definitely one of those tunes I cover that I see the screen fill with “I love this tune” gestures.

Often, you have performances at Nashville Music Row.  That's right in my back door.  Can I hop in the car and drive there to hear you?
Oh we’ll pick you up in the Sin Wagon on our way, don’t you worry!

Where can we get a listing of your schedule, Savvy?
The web tab in my Second Life profile has a link to my google calendar or just go here
You have a song list, that we can get a copy of at one of your shows.  What goes into the selection of which songs you'll sing?
That song list needs to be updated (puts that on her to do list). The song has to feel good, have some meaning and be entertaining. You have to connect with the song.. you are not just singing the song you are living the song.Yes! It’s on my to-do list to get that updated!

What suggestions would you have for someone wanting to dip their toes in the world of live vocal performances?
Take all the help you can get!  Sing with all of your heart and soul, build a good team of people to help you and have some fun!! Also anyone needing some help can always send a message to me in Second Life or find Savannah Coronet on Facebook.

You know one of my favorites is "Sweet Home Alabama".  What are your favorite songs to perform?
Man bashin tunes…. Just kidding! I will name one…Purple Rain! I love them all and depending on the day,mood,moon cycle LOL my favorites change constantly… ok I confess I LOVE singing Lady Antebellum’s single Downtown. I can’t help but to smile and dance around when I sing that one!

Thank you very much for your time, Savvy and I look forward to seeing your next performance!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Annie Melson

This week's interviewee is a wonderful lady with a touching story.  Come join us, as we talk with Annie Melson!  She is the designer behind Just BECAUSE and makes a fantastic contribution to the SL world of fashion.  

So we get to learn about Annie Melson and your designs featured in Just BECAUSE.  What would you like to share with us about yourself?
Oh my gosh, I hate talking about myself! LOL! What do I say?? Um... I'm just an average regular person that lives in a beautiful northern state in the USA. I truly am married to my best friend and we've enjoyed 18 years together and we're hoping for many more years to come. We've got two great kids. I'm an award winning artist in RL and have had my work hang in several galleries. I love cats and have four (OMG!), which was completely unplanned for I must add, so it's a good thing I love them LOL! We also have fish and one crazy bird who thinks she's the queen of the house. :)

How did you get started in design work, Annie?
My start in design work isn't really a happy one, but it has turned out happy. I had been in SL long before creating and selling furniture. That was going pretty well, but then I left SL. I was gone for over a year. My dear husband, Terk,  was diagnosed with cancer and it threw us and our little family for a loop. It was the worst year of our lives. He's recovered and is doing well now, but during that time we were on the edge of losing everything because of the mounting medical bills. And while being a RL artist is fun and fulfilling, it doesn't pay worth a hoot, so I had to go to work to keep us going. It was my husband who suggested I come back to SL and sell my creations, whatever I decided to create, that way I could be here for the kids too. I spent the next 3 months spending hours researching on creating a successful business in SL. Failure wasn't an option. My husband and kids needed me to succeed.

I decided that I didn't want to go back to furniture. I hate scripts, and working with them drives me batty, so I knew the best design work for me was in clothing, which has been so much better than furniture creating for me. It fit me so much better, and I enjoy doing it so much more. As an RL artist, it made it perfect, because it dealt with painting, which is what I do when I make my clothing. Now, with the mesh, it adds sculpting which is another RL art I love to do, but instead of clay it is digital. :)

Just BECAUSE was named as one of exclusive 24 menswear designers in The 24.  What can you tell us about this?
The 24 is an invitation only event that features 24 of the best men's fashion, 24 of the best women's fashion, 24 of the best home items, and 24 of the best pose/animation makers in SL. Each of these designers has a shop on one of the four sims (each sim is dedicated to each category) and they are showcased in the shows they put on throughout the week. This event is put on by Siren Productions, and they host many other incredible events throughout the year, one of which is the Menswear Fashion Week which I have also participated in.

Let's talk about your textures for a moment.  Are each of your textures hand-painted and original creations?
All of my finished textures are my own creation, meaning I never use templates. Every crease and fold, every stitch is hand painted. I will buy and use background fabrics and patterns (like a cotton weave) to save time because hand painting everything takes a lot of my time, but many times I make those too. It just depends on how much time has already been spent. I don't like taking too long because it is good to keep releasing new items in a timely manner. But, yes, the final textures I upload to apply to clothing are completely mine. They aren't someone else's template or creation.

However, there is nothing wrong with people using texture templates to create and sell. They do good work and it allows many others to have a business of their own, which is one of the wonderful aspects of SL. But I like to stay away from it because as an artist I never want to infringe on copyright, or make  people question even an inkling whether I have. I would never want it happening to me, so I do whatever I can to stay away from doing it to others. So making my own not only protects me from this, but it also gives the customer a creation that is original and unique, which is also really important to me.

So Annie, you are involved a few hunts ... Season's Palette, Menstuff, and Homestuff.  Tell us about your part in these hunts.
Oh my goodness, I love hunts! Not only are they a lot of fun, but it gives me the opportunity to give people something nice to enjoy. It's kind of a way for me to help give back. :) Season's Palette is a hunt that  requires the designers to use 3 or more colors from a selection of colors given to them to use on their creations and I like the challenge of doing that. The Menstuff/Homestuff hunt is a combined hunt. I don't make Homestuff items, so I'm participating in the Menstuff side of this hunt. I'm also one of the Womenstuff designers from this same group, but Womenstuff doesn't currently have a hunt going on. They should have one coming up sometime soon though. :)

I noticed an advertisement for Mad City on your event board, what is Mad City?
Mad City is a group of brilliant game creators who create very cool interactive hunt games for SL. I absolutely love them! They create hunts that are much more than just a hunt - they are games you have to play in order to receive the prizes from each of the stores participating at the end. They are usually spooky and dark in nature, throwing you into a mystery you have to solve. The Mad City hunt I was participating in just finished. I really look forward to participating in the next one they have. They are incredible!

You have a new men's release, Men's Splash Collection.  What does this include?
The Men's Splash Collection are my latest swimwear for the men and already it is proving to be incredibly popular! I created three different swimsuit styles in mesh for the men to choose from - the longer board shorts, the mid thigh length swim trunks, and the very popular speedo style swim briefs. Of each of these 3 styles I created 2 different versions, which has 5 different colors. You do the math and you come up with 30 different choices of swimwear! I know, I went crazy! LOL! I also made full packs at a discounted price so people who love them all can save a bit of money. :) These of course come in all five standard sizes.

Just BECAUSE was one of the solo shows participating in Menswear Fashion Week back in April 2013.  Tell us about your involvement in this event, Annie ...
Menswear Fashion Week is created by Siren Productions, which I spoke of earlier regarding The 24, except this is strictly for the men. I was thrilled that Just BECAUSE was one of their solo shows, meaning I had a fashion show exclusively showing Just BECAUSE clothing. I had to create a whole new collection to showcase called Modern Gatsby. I used this event to launch into making my own mesh clothing as well as starting a whole new way of releasing clothes - by collections instead of one item at a time.

Another outfit caught my eye, Modern Gatsby.  What's the story behind this classy men's outfit?
Modern Gatsby is a pretty special collection of clothes for me because it was when I learned how to make my own mesh clothing and I used some of my new mesh in this collection. This is the collection that was debuted during Menswear Fashion Week 2013. Before this I was using mesh created by others because I hadn't learned how to make it myself yet. (Please note however that the textures for these mesh clothes were solely my own, keeping with my stance on originality.)

Current trends in men's fashion in RL was what inspired me to make The Modern Gatsby collection. Men's clothing was taking on a 1920's flair, brought about by the release of The Great Gatsby movie that just came out at the time. I fell in love with it and wanted to make them for SL too, but with a slight modern twist to it by adding jeans and a button down casual shirt. Class meets casual. And that's how Modern Gatsby was formed. :)

Back in January, you held a open chat, "Coffee with Annie".  Tell us about this unique opportunity to spend some time with you ...
Designing clothes is a very solitary and lonely process. I call myself a Sky Platform Dweller because that's where I am always found! LOL! All of my time is spent creating. I don't leave my platform much and often times I may look like I'm online, but the SL window is shrunk down and I am working hard in other programs creating, such as Blender and Photoshop. But I like to be able to talk with my customers and give them an opportunity to give me ideas, tell me what they love, what they would like to see changed, etc. I like for my customers to have a voice. Just BECAUSE only exists because of them and I want them to be a part of the creation, so I created "Coffee with Annie" to give myself and them an opportunity to talk, get to know each other, and hear their thoughts and suggestions. It's my way of helping people connect with me, and for me to connect with them. I really need to have another one soon.
If people can't make these events, or they just don't want to wait for the next one, they can always connect with me through my social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and SLX Connect, among others.

You have a blog for Just BECAUSE that you operate.  Do you post regularly, Annie?
Yes, I do! :D I post whenever I have a new collection released, but I will also post work in progress pictures and news. I don't post every day, but I do keep the blog updated at all times. If I haven't posted in awhile it is because I'm working hard, not because I'm not doing anything, and it certainly doesn't mean I'm not updating it regularly. I means an update is coming. :D

Tell us about the Just BECAUSE Fun & Flirty Collection.
The Fun & Flirty Collection was a lot of fun to make! It was summer and that inspired me to make something... well...  fun and flirty for the girls! LOL! Girls like pretty ruffles and ribbons but they also like to show a flirty side and tease those boys out there and what better way to do that but in the summer? ;) So out come the capris and shorts, and cute hankie tops, camis, and tube tops! I went with some really fun colors and patterns too, and since I couldn't decide on which textures and colors to go with I added a texture changing HUD to all of them but the hankie tops. Let me tell you, trying to figure out the scripts for that HUD was NOT fun! I hate scripts and what an ordeal that was! LOL! But I finally got it and the result is a really fun and versatile collection. :) The Fun & Flirty Collection is my own mesh creations and you can see some of the work in progress shots of them on my blog.  

For those of us not in the designer world, especially mesh, tell about Blender.  How is this used in your designs?
Blender.... How can I talk about Blender in a simple way that doesn't scare anyone?? LOL! Well, I guess I'll just be blunt and hope for the best. :) Blender is a very complex and powerful program, incredibly intimidating and overwhelming, especially to someone who doesn't know a thing about hot keys and shortcuts, which was me when I first was trying to learn it. I first started playing with Blender when I was learning how to make sculpties back before mesh was introduced to SL. You should have seen me when I finally "got" it! LOL! I have to admit that I was super proud of myself because I am not a natural when it comes to techy stuff.

Blender is a free program, but that doesn't mean the program in a lesser program. It has everything and it is very powerful. But it is also very complicated and hard to get a grip of. It took me a month to get a handle on it just to make sculpties, and then when mesh came out it took me another solid week with very long hours to grasp that. It's intense! You definitely have to have determination to figure it out and not let the frustration get to you, because it is very frustrating at times. But once you got it, it gets very easy and very rewarding. :)   I use the Avastar plug in for Blender to add the SL avatar easily, then I add a mesh cube and start molding it into a shirt or pants. It's like digital clay. :) After that comes rigging it to the avatar and weighting it to the bones so that it moves with the avatar. Weighting is my least favorite part. It's tedious and finicky and I could tweak it all week long because I'm a perfectionist. :P LOL!

I'm really enjoying the mesh tank top men's group gift.  Do you offer group gifts on a regular basis?
I'm so glad you like the group gift, Michael! I wish I could say I offer group gifts on a regular basis, but it hasn't been very regular at all, nor am I happy with that. I truly need another pair of arms - maybe 2 pairs of arms! But I highly doubt I'll be sprouting a new set anytime soon. :P Do you think cloning myself would work better?? LOL!

It's very hard to keep up with everything. My main focus is on creating new collections for people to enjoy (and with them being original it starts from the very beginning each time, making it more time consuming), then I have a lot of events and hunts I participate in, next comes maintaining the business side of things, and then after that comes group gifts and Coffee with Annie. Often times I'm not left with anymore time for those. My husband, Terk Sak, handles customer service, which is a big help, but he works a RL job and that takes most of his time. But I do plan on releasing a new group gift within the next month, which of course will be original. :)

You have a collection named Shawn that features jeans, t-shirt, and a leather jacket.  What else can you tell us about the Shawn Collection?
The Shawn Collection was made when I was still learning about mesh. I hadn't learned how to make my own at that time yet, so those are made with premade mesh. There are a few mesh pieces in my store using these before I learned how to do them myself. However, the textures were fully created by me. I did not use the templates for that, nor for any others I used the premade mesh for. I learn as I go, and these few items are the turning point pieces. So the Shawn Collection was a fun new creation for me. It's when I fell in love with mesh and decided that I was going to learn how to do it myself and never go back to system layer clothing, unless in the rare occurrence it is needed for a finished look. :)

Back in May 2013, you released a mesh dress and floppy hat, Eden.  Tell us about this beautiful design that offers texture changing options.
Eden was my first original mesh creation for women that I am happy with. I had created a previous mesh dress called Gabby, which is my first ever mesh creation, but it is not up to my standards, which is why I have it for sale at an ultra cheap price. It's cute, but was part of my learning curve. Modern Gatsby came after Gabby, and it came out well. Eden was my next creation. I made Eden because I needed a new dress to wear to my solo show at Menswear Fashion Week 2013 showcasing the Modern Gatsby Collection. I wore it  to the show without having even finished making all of the color options, and the hat hadn't even been created yet. The hat was fun to make, and because I couldn't make up my mind on textures, I decided to put in a texture changing script. Eden ended up being very popular with the girls. They loved the classic style of it. :)

What would you say are your best selling men's and/or women's items?
By far my mesh creations are my best sellers, and the new men's swimwear is the biggest best sellers for the men, even more than the Gatsby Collection, which sells really well too. My best sellers for the women are the shorts in the Fun & Flirty Collection. I have to admit I am particularly fond of those shorts myself. :D

Do you have any suggestions for someone wanting to start designing inworld?
Before I opened my store I spent 3 months researching everything I could about creating a successful brand and business in SL, and I really think those first 3 months are what gave me a giant leap on the learning curve. I learned so many valuable things from other business owners in SL through this. It saved me a lot of mistakes. Those 3 months were spent learning, creating a business plan, and creating some items that could be put in the store from the start. Also, social networks are huge. I started my blog, created my Facebook, and Twitter accounts before I even opened my store in SL. Use the social networks. I believe they are imperative to success. But whenever someone asks me for tips and how to start a business I always tell them to start researching. The internet is a wealth of information and knowledge is power. :)

Annie, you have a new store opening soon, can you tell us about it?
My new store is going to be mesh!  It has a long ways to go yet to be completed. I'm hoping by the end of next week or beginning of week after that to have it put out and replace the old one.  Here are a few photos of the work in progress!

It has been fantastic talking with you.  Thank you very much for your time, Annie!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sho Kyong

This week we are getting to know a lady that prides herself in being a designer, performance artist, and the owner of *SK* Designs.  She is a blast to talk with and I invite you to join us as we get to know Sho Kyong.

Tell us about yourself, Sho.   
In RL I'm an artist, craftsman, photographer and designer.
In SL I'm an artist, craftsman, photographer and designer.

You've been around SL for almost eight years now.  What are some of the most memorable moments you've experienced?
Hard to name just one experience. I'd say the best part is the people.  The place is lousy with artists, musicians and creative people from all over the planet.  I have made friends in SL that I have been fortunate to meet in RL as well.  I love the fact that I can enjoy live music every night with out having to leave my home.  I enjoy building and visiting amazing Art builds by other builders.

How did you get started in design work, Sho?
When I was a noob I thought SL was a "game" so it seemed if you wanted clothes, a nice skin, an AO (I didn't know what that was but I wanted one) you had to make lindens.  I found an online tutorial on how to make T-Shirts. I would camp and then use those lindens to upload textures. I have always loved theatrical and ethnic clothes, so as my skills improved I started to make colorful costumes for role play.

So in your profile, Sho, it says that you design and make clothes for the adventurous woman.  What does that mean?
One of my largest following are women who battle and sail on pirate sims. My specialty is outfits that are sexy and low lag. many of my dresses come with "battle britches" so you can remove your skirt and still look stylish as you sink your enemies. My group tag is "Dressed To Kill" which I think explains it all.

Do you also design clothing for men?
I have made some men's clothes, but honestly I really prefer to cater to women, sorry guys.

You have a few bikinis in your design line-up, tell us about those.
Well I just made a few for my self...and I couldn't stop. They are fun to make.

Do you work with mesh in your clothing designs?
Mesh is wonderful, and I love it!  I use some mesh add-ons, like ribbons ties and accessories.  I have Mesh outfits for petites, and have slowly been adding some mesh to my line.  The peasant skirts I'm known for however move in a way that mesh doesn't at least not yet.

You have an inworld store, Sho, what's the store location?
*SK* Design is on the Night Whispers sim

Do you have your items available on Marketplace, Sho?
Yes! I have well over 100 outfits for sale...honestly I lost count.

What are you best-selling items?  
Pirate, Wench and Gypsy wear.

Do you wear your own designs?
Yes I do. But I also love to wear outfits by other SL designs as well.

Sho, you also have a nearly free gift, that you offer inworld?
There is always a nearly free gift!   It's never for sale but is of the same quality of what I do sell.  It may be lingerie or a swimsuit.  I have given away gowns.  The gifts are exclusive, I don't repeat them, and they never are seen again!

You are also a performance artist in Second Life.  Tell us about your work, Sho.
I have been a soloist now with Guerilla Burlesque for about 2 years. I do a lot of the promotional posters and "pin ups" of our crew.  I have also done some choreography and costuming for live concerts at the Idle Rogue (GB's home sim)

What can a visitor expect when attending a show at Guerilla Burlesque?
Guerilla Burlesque is one of the most amazing events in SL. Each week We present new and unique performances.  Most dancers spend two weeks or more creating a set and a dance for 4 mins of  jaw dropping "wow."  Do not expect a strip show with cheesy emotes. It is performance art, dance and dazzle, smoke and mirrors and special effects!

There's a video that was made showcasing some of your performance at Guerilla Burlesque, tell us about your experience with this ... 
Fuzz on Acid is a friend of mine and Guerilla Burlesque. He was kind enough to film one of my live performances at a GB show.

What's your experience with building, Sho?
I build my own sets for my performances, sometime cannibalizing from something I find in SL, sometimes I build from scratch.

What do you like do in SL when not designing or performing at Guerilla Burlesque?
I love to go listen to live music, Hang out with friends for spontaneous silliness, and of course shopping!  After all isn't SL really about the pursuit of shoes and hair?

Sho, thank you so much for your time and letting us get to know you better!